2016 Christmas Catalog

Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, but don’t want to fill their shelves with more knick knacks or redundant tokens? Honor their special presence in your life with a one-time donation in support of sharing the Gospel in the hardest-to-reach areas of the globe. Your gift will be acknowledged with a card explaining how the Kingdom of God is being expanded in their name. Select a specific need below, or make a general fund donation. Fully funded projects will have additional support applied to other needs in that country.

Pastoral Training, Burma

Pastoral Training

Bring encouragement, continuing education, and needed discipling tools to believers ministering to their own people groups in the largely unreached hills of Burma (Myanmar). This predominantly Buddhist nation is a country in flux, having held its first elections in 25 years in November of 2015. The newfound prosperity and openness to Christianity of the urban centers of Burma are largely unfelt in the majority of the land; a lack of infrastructure and remote, agrarian villages keep many locked in the bondage of animism. The Global Missionary partners with nationals to travel into these areas, preaching the Gospel, identifying and equipping local believers, and holding trainings to further the development of the emerging church. Your gift can be applied to this project in several ways, and will be acknowledged with a card mailed directly to the recipient, or to your home for personal giving.

Traveling to receive training is often a hardship on Burmese believers. Many leave behind not only their families to make the arduous, days long journey on foot, but also must literally walk away from the farms that sustain them. TGM requires that all trainees give as they are able to the training fund— be it monetary or a simple bag of rice offered to the communal pot—but we absorb the majority of the costs for housing, feeding, and materials. Our training sessions focus on Biblical literacy, evangelism, Christian discipleship, endurance under persecution, and church growth. These short sessions are, for many, the only time of fellowship with other believers they will experience all year.


Full scholarship for one believer


Partial scholarship for one believer


One communal fellowship meal for 20 believers

Training materials for one believer

One night’s lodging for 10 believers


Spreading the Gospel, Nepal

Nepal training

Our training program in the country of Nepal focuses on bringing the tools of evangelism and discipleship into some of the most remote and least reached parts of this beautiful, mountainous nation. The Global Missionary has a well-established network of national believers who locate areas where the name of Jesus is completely unknown, as well as identifying believers in individual villages who have been called to share the Good News. Training missions in Nepal include extensive travel, humanitarian outreach to Christians, and assessing future needs as well as providing for the spread of the Gospel of Christ through Bible training and formal group sessions on discipleship topics.

Your gift can support this work in many areas. All gifts will be acknowledged with a card mailed directly to the recipient, or to your home for personal giving.


In-country missionary travel support

In-country national evangelist support

One day’s training (materials, food, lodging) for 5 believers

General fund donations in any amount will also be acknowledged with a card in honor of the person of your choosing.